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 "We Run to Remember"

Running to honor & remember Sgt. Matthew Harmon Saturday August 27, 2011.  For details, go to My Blog page and read "An unforgettable experience"

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    Thanks for your support of Philco's Freedom Team!

    Philco's Freedom Team

    Philco’s Freedom Team was started up in 2007 by Kurt “Philco” Philion of Fosston, MN.

    A native of Red Lake Falls, MN, Kurt wanted to do something to help remember his friend Sgt. Corey Rystad, also from Red Lake Falls, who was killed in combat on December 2nd, 2006 in Fallujah, Iraq by a roadside bomb.  One other soldier, Bryan McDonough of Maplewood, MN was also killed in that same blast.  

    Philco runs in several events throughout the year while carrying a three by five foot American flag, wearing a uniform with Corey’s picture on the front and the saying: ‘Land of the free, because of the brave’.  

    Philion states: “Every year I run what’s called Philco’s 4:13.  Four thirteen mile events (half marathons) in honor and memory of my friend.  His number in high school hockey was four, my number in high school basketball was thirteen.  The number of marathon events I run in has meaning, and it’s something very special.  I’m blessed to have the ability to honor my friend the way I want to.”

    Philco’s Freedom Team has a slogan: "Run to remember." 
    We run to remember our fallen soldiers. 

    Philco’s Freedom Team is aligned with Project New Hope, an organization dedicated to serving our war vets by holding retreats to help them get back to a civilian lifestyle.

    To our fallen soldiers: “Thank you for your service.  Your dedication, courage and commitment.   You are all missed, but will never be forgotten…we will make sure of that!”


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    The uniform, medal and wrist band worn by Kurt following the 50th Freedom Run which was a 26.2 mile full marathon - Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN on Saturday, June 16 2012